Pole Vault Pole (PVP-010)

  • Made from strong fiber glass, one piece, thick walled cross bar suitable for competition
  • Available Thickness : 31 MM, 35 MM
  • Available Length : 4 mtr, 4.25 mtr, 4.5 mtr

Prime Starting Block (ASB-070)

  • A spring-loaded plunger allows for fast pedal adjustment
  • The secure locking pedals have rubber traction pads
  • Six track spikes are included

Competition Starting Block (ASB-040)

  • Steel Construction with aluminum casted pedals

Magnum Starting Block (ASB-080)

  • Casted Aluminium central rail and pedals
  • Pedals can be secured into their place using the wing nut
  • 15mm long spikes on the lower surface to secure the SB firmly on the ground

Target Starting Block (ASB-060)

  • Made of slotted steel channel, plastic paddles with PVC pads, suitable for all tracks

Sprint Starting Block (ASB-050)

  • Fixed angle rubber-faced foot blocks
  • Anodised steel centre channel

Champion Starting block (ASB-030)

  • Galvanized Aluminum Construction
  • 5 angle adjustment, 5 inches wide pedals

Super School Starting Block (ASB-020)

  • Galvanized Aluminum Construction
  • Fixed angle padels

Premier Starting Block (ASB-010)

  • Galvanized Aluminum Construction
  • Footblocks adjustable at 4 different angles
  • 2 inches wide chanel x 24 inches length


  • All aluminum starting block
  • Detachable pedals adjustable to 4 different angles
  • Locking pedals with rubber traction
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